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Hand-Dipped Beeswax Birthday Candles | Time To Celebrate!

Hand-Dipped Beeswax Birthday Candles | Time To Celebrate!


These beeswax birthday candles are made using the time-honored tradition of hand-dipping. After wicking special racks sourced from Europe, they are carefully dipped into vats of 100% pure cappings beeswax from a family-owned farm.


They naturally smell like warm honey and the wonderful things bees pollinate such as sweet pea, basswood, lilacs and sunflowers.


These hand-dipped birthday candles are perfect for your next celebration or mindful moment.


Size: 3 inches tall

Burn Time: 15 Minutes

Box Dimensions: 3.5” X 3.5”

Box contains 13 Candles Instructions:

Burn Within Sight. Keep away from Children, Pets and Combustibles.

Make sure they are secure in place when you use them. Discontinue use when there is less than 1/4” inch of beeswax left. 

Only 3 left in stock
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