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What is Nature Journaling?

"Nature Journaling is collecting and organizing your observations, questions, connections, and explanations on the pages of a notebook using words pictures, and numbers. You do not need to be an artist or a naturalist to begin. These skills can be learned by anyone, and you can develop them with deliberate practice. The system is creative, rigorous, and playful, easy to begin and learn, and will grow and mature over a lifetime. Start now: you can do this, and the world is waiting. "

- John Muir Laws

Image by Lance Reis

What is the goal of a nature journal?

Nature journaling gives you a chance to get closer to nature, make notations,  ask questions and observe the world around you.

Image by Andrew Castillo

What goes into a nature journal?

 A nature journal can have drawings, reflections, questions, ideas, notes and anything else inspired by nature.

Image by pure julia

How do I get started?

Grab a sketchbook, a pen and step out into nature and record what you see! Join our "Sussex County New Jersey Nature Journaling Facebook Group" and/or take a class with us at our studio!

The Sussex County, NJ -Nature Journaling Club

Getting together with others who share a common interest is an excellent great way to come up with new ideas, journal page spreads and techniques. The Sussex County New Jersey Nature Journaling Club, centralized in Lafayette, NJ  is organized and funded by the Nicole Christian - Fine Art & Stationery Boutique and aims to connect more people to art & nature through outings and teachings. The club tries to meet at least once a month (in person) as a group

These club meetings take place at offsite locations and are a great social gathering for nature lovers and naturalists alike, but remember - you don't have to be an expert to get started in nature journaling! Its about mindfulness & observing your surroundings.

Our Upcoming Club Outings And Social Gatherings

With sketchbooks, pens, watercolors and brushes in hand - our group will set out at various locations (parks, nature preserves, hiking trails, etc.) or attend nature center presentations together to practice our observational skills. * Open to everyone* Please RSVP  at the event link below

Join or Facebook Group for all the latest updates and outings and be sure to follow our social media pages below

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Our Upcoming Nature Journaling Programs & Workshops

Image by pure julia

Before an outing, The Nicole Christian - Fine Art & Stationery Boutique tailors some of their art class lesson plans at the studio, to incorporate  the upcoming outing so that students can practice techniques that they will need on the trip. These classes are open to all ages and skill levels and aim to bring in new people who have never tried nature journaling before - and teach them along side with other students.

During these in-studio workshops students will work with our instructors, where they will develop their field observation sketches, and take what they have practiced and put it to use in the field.

Blog Posts about our Club & Outings

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