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What if my wedding day has already passed? Can you paint from a photograph? Absolutely! This is a great way to showcase your favorite moment with a painting created from a past event. I can recreate it in my studio from reference photos you supply. My "post wedding paintings" are painted in the same impressionistic style.

What if a live event painting is out of my budget? I do offer in studio "post - wedding" paintings at a discounted price as well as a variety of other commission options to celebrate your big day such as wedding bouquet paintings, mother of the bride & wedding dress illustrations and more! Payment plans on live event paintings are also available to help break up the cost.

How do I secure my date? Once we confirm if your date is available, we will schedule a video call to discuss a few more details, as well as go over the vision you have for your painting. Then a 25% non-refundable retainer is collected to hold your date. The remaining 75% is due before your wedding. You must return the signed contract and pay the initial retainer in order to secure your date on the calendar

Do you need any special accommodations during the wedding? An artist's space of about 10' x 10' is needed, along with en electrical outlet (if in a place where lighting is less than what I need) as well as running water. While I do take reference photos during the event to use for smaller details in studio, I will still need a clear line of sight to the selected scene, free from obstructions.

Do you have insurance? My venue is asking Absolutely :) I am a registered LLC and have full liability insurance. Certificates can be provided to the venue upon request.

Do you travel outside of Sussex County, NJ? Yes! All I need to know to give you a travel quote is when and where! If I’m traveling more than 2 hrs away from Lafayette, NJ travel rates may include a hotel stay & transportation fees

Do you offer payment plans? Yes! We can discuss the best way to split the payments up over the months leading up to your wedding

How long will you be painting at my wedding? On-site painting time can range from 4-6 hours

Do I get to decide who and what goes into my painting? For the "Couple Only" package I try to include the couple as well as parents and some of the bridal party if they are in the scene candidly. I typically recommend the focus stays on the couple as well as some of the bridal party/parents (maximum of 6 people). This is because depending on the style of the composition, the painting can get crowded if there are too many focal points If you’ve chosen the larger canvas package, I would recommend no more than 10-12 people During our consultation, I’ll be able to navigate your vision and help you decide how we can creatively incorporate those people who matter most to you :)

How long will touchups take after the event? The initial package options will be shipped or hand delivered within 4 weeks of the wedding. For larger sizes and additional options, the paintings can take anywhere from 8 - 10 weeks to complete.

How far in advance do you need to arrive to my venue? Generally 2-3 hours, so I can setup my equipment and begin building the frame of your composition by capturing your lovescape. I’ll start looking at composition & laying in the background. By the time your guests stroll in, your scene will be set on canvas.

Contact us to check for availability

We will do our best to get back to you within 3 business days!

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