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Latest update to policies was made on 4/23/24


Registrations are processed in the order in which they are received and class enrollment is on a first-come, first-served basis for ALL registrations. Registration is ONLY complete when Nicole Christian Fine Art & Illustration Studio is in receipt of full payment.  At minimum an e-mail, mailing address, and phone number are required at time of registration. 



The class seats are ONLY reserved for the person who the registration was for. In the event that a parent has signed up a child or someone has purchased two tickets at once, we do make note of that - but there are NOT to be any transfers of registration. Meaning if you sign up one child, and they cannot attend one of the sessions - you cant transfer that spot in class to another sibling or friend and you also cannot transfer that registration to a different date.


Tuition (paying for instruction) is for instruction only (not supplies) unless otherwise stated clearly in the event or course registration. Students enrolling after the start of the monthly/seasonal session start may have their tuition pro-rated based on the remaining classes left in the block of lessons.


All birthday & private party bookings require a non refundable retainer to hold your date. This is taken off of the final invoice which is due within 2 weeks of your party once the head count is adjusted. Any final payments not received within 72 hours of a scheduled party will cause the date to be forfeited and the event cancelled without any refunds or rescheduling.


We include a  45 minute setup time in the total party hours booked for that date and we do all the cleanup!  For children's parties we require one parent present for every 5 kids at the party to be on site for the full event, this is in the event that the children need to be chaperoned to the restrooms or need help with anything outside of what the party is booked for.


By booking your party you understand that without paying the additional "closing" fee that the retail portion of the shop in the front section will still be open to shoppers if it is booked during open hours, and by doing so we ask that you do not block the front of the shop. We are more than happy to close off the entire location for a 'closing fee' when requested.


 There are NO refunds after booking any summer art camp sessions. We ask that children come to class with their own closed top water bottles that are labeled with their names as well as any out door insect repellent needed if you have a preference. Some art classes will take place outside. All summer art camp sessions are drop-off only.


Each discount and coupon has its own set of conditions and cannot be combined with one another. Our offers change regularly and unfortunately we cannot honor an expired coupon code. Anyone found to be using a coupon code under false pretenses will be immediately removed as a student,  no longer allowed to register for classes and no refunds will be given for the remaining sessions. (For example: applying a senior discount when you are about 30 years shy of being a senior)Yes! Its happened! This is unfortunately why we need to update policies as needed.


By signing up for any free first responder art class you are giving us the right to confirm this information via email or phone. Anyone caught lying about being an ACTIVE first responder in order to attend a free class we offer will be removed permanently as a student and will be sent an invoice for that class. Any unpaid invoices will be subjected to legal action and collections.  As a fellow first responder ( NJ EMT) please don't do this, its just wrong.


 Nicole Christian Fine Art & Illustration Studio reserves the right to refuse admission or dismiss ANY student (Child or adult) at ANY time due to ANY behavior that we deem to be unsafe or inappropriate. This includes but is not limited to: acting in an unsafe or threatening manner, disrupting students or instructors, using drugs or alcohol, vulgar language, yelling at us over the phone, etc. Refunds will NOT be given to any student who is dismissed under these terms and the remaining calendar bookings terminated.


We ask that phones are silenced during classes to avoid interruptions and all phone calls are made outside of the shop. While many people love taking photos of their own artwork and their process, and we have NO problem with that during class, just please be mindful of other students in the room as not everyone wants to have their photo taken and try to limit photos until the end to avoid class disruptions. 


If taking a virtual class, a link to the online classroom will be e-mailed in advance of the first class. This link is only for enrolled students and not to be shared with those outside of the class. Students must download zoom in advance and join class with username or email matching registration. For the safety of all students, cameras must be on during classes so that we know exactly who is attending.


We do not offer refunds after booking classes, workshops or private art lessons. This will be also be noted on individual signups and applies to the following:

Kids summer art sessions refund policy: NO REFUNDS AFTER BOOKING

Group art sessions refund policy:NO REFUNDS AFTER BOOKING

Home school  refund policy: NO REFUNDS AFTER BOOKING




In the event that a single day class/multiple week workshop does not meet minimum enrollment and is canceled in its entirety by the instructor a FULL REFUND (minus processing fees) will be given.

In the event that a single day class/multiple week workshop is canceled in its entirety by the instructor for a personal or medical emergency a FULL REFUND (minus processing fees) will be given.


Nicole Christian - Fine Art & Illustration Studio is not in a position to offer any make ups on group lessons as spots are extremely limited and booked in advance unless we need to take in to consideration the following:

  • Make up class(es) will be provided  the instructor needs to cancel.

  • Make up class(es) will be provided in the event of inclement weather

If a makeup day is requested by an individual student who is taking a multiple week course and a scheduled make up day isn't already outlined in the registration description - they can be made up by requesting a discounted private session in relation to what was missed.

Special Makeup Dates:

  • Some workshops have a make-up date pre scheduled in the description or a special date added on when we want to offer the chance to skip any date in a multiple week course (if needed by the student) and allow them to make it up on a scheduled date. When that happens, that extra date is ONLY a make up date and not an extra free class for everyone.


Students missing class by their own choice will NOT receive a make-up class, refund, or credit. We always pre-schedule one 'make-up' day for a multiple week course so its on the calendar in the event that we need it.

WINTER SESSIONS - INCLEMENT WEATHER- CLASS CANCELLATION POLICY: While we try to refrain from cancelling due to weather, somethings are out of our control. Cancellations that result in a rescheduling are based on the instructors ability to arrive safely to class based on weather/road conditions. We are aware that many students/parents travel to the studio from different locations and the weather will vary greatly in each location and elevation (Example: Ice storm at instructors location but only rain at students at the same time).

Unless otherwise noted - Anytime the local School systems have a delay, early dismissal or cancelled school due to inclement weather - OR the instructors location has a weather incident making travel unsafe - class will be cancelled for that day and a makeup day will be added on to the end of the sessions.


PLEASE NOTE  if a class is cancelled due to situations beyond our control, for example severe restrictions by the government in regards to COVID 19 or any further lock downs or 'stay at home orders' , Nicole Christian - Fine Art & Illustration Studio will not be issuing any refunds, instead you will be offered the option of transferring to an ONLINE experience. We will also offer you the option of a credit which will be valid for six months from date of purchase and used on any of our upcoming classes or activities. If not used in that six month window it will expire.


All students are expected to arrive on time. Classes start & end at the advertised times. If a student arrives late, they will NOT be given extra time at the end of class to finish their project and may be refused entry if the late arrival exceeds 15 min per hour. (Meaning class starts at 4:30 pm and you arrive at 4:50 - we reserve the right to refuse you or your child's entry into class to avoid class disruption for students who arrived on time) And while we know that emergencies do arise,  traffic, car issues etc.  please try to give us a call before class starts to let us know you are running late whenever possible.


Please do not drop off your child or arrive yourself earlier than 5 minutes before the start of the class unless otherwise agreed upon with the instructor as we may still be setting up for the class or other students may be leaving the previous class. Students should be on time and picked up promptly as the studio may close or another class may be starting soon after. These are drop-off classes.

ALL sessions are drop off only.  With our move to the new location - the front of the studio is now our retail gift area and since we close the retail space during many of our classes - waiting is NOT permitted inside the gift shop while we are in session. Please wait until class is over to avoid disrupting students who are still in session.


Photograph and videos may be taken during class and may be published and used to promote Nicole Christian Fine Art & Illustration Studios art  programs in both online and print. If you do not want yourself, your child, or your child’s artwork photographed, this is not an issue! Simply notify the us in writing at or speak to us in person about it and we can have you sign the photo refusal form.

How To Contact Us

Should you have other questions or concerns about these privacy policies, please send us an email at

How Policy Changes Will Be Communicated

Changes in our terms can be done at any time will be updated and posted on this page and the new policies will be sent for review with each new booking.

Latest policy update: 4/23/24

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