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Wall Murals


Add color and style to your home or business with a fully custom wall mural!

Wall murals can add a special touch to a child's room or even serve as a focal point for a business. Each mural is hand painted and can also serve to sell a story or have a special meaning behind them that you want to share with your viewers. They can be as large as you'd like or also as simple as a very small accent painting added to the corner of an existing wall!

The Hive @ CoCreCafe in Augusta NJ

*Still in progress*

This massive bee hive mural is still in progress and has been an absolute blast to work on! The CoCreCafe In Augusta is home to this new piece and is set to open this winter.


In the beginning there was plenty of coffee and chalk outlines for me to get it positioned just right in order not to distort the honeycombs when they were viewed from below as there was a ledge on 2 of the 3 sides.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Vitality Hair @ Bliss Salon Suites in Vernon, NJ


When the owner of Vitality Hair contacted me and said she wanted a way to add something eye catching to her space but still keeping with the color scheme she had, I went right to work designing something that would tie in the two walls on either side.

1280 by 720 hero photo.jpg

We went with gold and white flowers and I used the same color paint from the pink walls to  bring the color into the blue to keep your eye moving fluidly from one wall to the next.

Before and After

1. The first step is to Send me an email  to let me know you are interested in a possible mural project.  I will get back to you within 3 business days to setup a time to speak either virtually, over the phone or in person (Sussex County, NJ) to get a vision for your upcoming project and to answer any questions you may have for me. A visit to the space is also required for me to give accurate pricing.

2. Once the details have been discussed and you have decided to go ahead with the commission I will send over a price quote, an agreement/contract will be sent over. A 25% non- refundable deposit collected to begin the design process and to begin purchasing materials for the project.  A fully signed contract and deposit MUST be collected before any work can begin.

3. I will then begin to sketch out some ideas for placement and will keep in contact and meet with you one more time as well as visit the space to be sure we are on track with your vision for the project.

4. The painting will begin and your mural with begin to take shape! We will be in contact throughout the project and your input


The Mural Commission Process


Can we use paint I already have?

Using paint that you already have on hand for certain parts of the mural is possible, but it's based on a few things such as the quantity left and age of the paint. This is something we can discuss and look into when we meet for the free consult.

Are you insured?

Yes! As n LLC I am fully insured with liability coverage

Can we go together to look at paint samples? Im confused

Absolutely! Depending on the proximity of the store from your location, once we are all set to begin working we can take a trip together to look and select some paint samples together to post up on your walls so that you can see them next to eachother as we begin designing. If you have samples on hand you would like me to look at or reference photos feel free to bring them to the free consult.

Do you provide scaffolding if its a large area?

There is an extra charge for any areas that need scaffolding as we rent it per job. When scaffolding is needed we also take a day or two to plan accordingly with you so that we can keep our time with it at the location efficient in order to keep the cost down.

I'm excited and ready to do this! Where do we go from here?

The first step is to email me so that we can setup a free consultation at the location where the mural would be painted

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