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Image by Dusan Kipic

Located in Hamburg, NJ our art studio is a place where children, teens & adults can be creative and enjoy the art making process while experimenting with new mediums and techniques in a unique learning environment that often incorporates nature studies as well as classical painting and drawing methods.

We have a variety of classes that range from the fun & care-free to the more structured and disciplined - such as Atelier style training.


Class sizes are small and we put the the focus on each students individual skill set, so that they can advance at their own speed and not feel pressured.

Growing up I didn't have a chance (or the finances) to attend a fine arts college, and instead continued to self teach myself daily. Ill be honest, there were plenty of frustrating times I often wondered if doing so would make me "inadequate" as an artist. Which is something that I don't want my students to feel. This art studio was formed out of the desire share what I know with others and to be able to do so in a way that allows you to hone in on your own creative expression and not have that feeling of not "being good enough" just because you are learning something new.

Remember: " We all began as beginners!"

Image by Štefan Štefančík
Image by Dusan Kipic

If there was one thing that I hope you take away from attending classes and workshops with me - is that you feel inspired and continue to create when you walk out of here -  and also that you have an understanding of the knowledge you left with that day.

Learning something new might be intimidating, especially in a group of other students but this is why I keep class sizes small and always encourage lots of questions!

I want you to walk away feeling like you can do it.

You can learn a new technique or medium

You can tackle that painting or drawing

You can make time for yourself to be creative at home and I'm excited to help you realize this potential!


When it comes to encouraging creativity in children, allowing them to having fun and understanding that "mistakes" are part of the learning process - will help pave the way to a great artistic journey. We teach children as young as 4 years old the fundamentals in a fun and encouraging way that gives students the freedom to create in their own style and vision, while still learning  foundational skills that include drawing & painting, perspective, composition & color theory. As well as tones, shading, proportion and more.

Image by Kelly Sikkema

Many adults have come to my classes as a way to carve out creative time for themselves, meet new friends in a group class or even as a way to re-awaken an old spark in a once loved medium.


Some adults have even come here for the first time after not picking up a paintbrush or taking a lesson in over 70  years! How awesome to be a part of this re-introduction to a lost art and to be able to introduce new ones! Everyday I look forward to seeing what my students have been working on between classes and to watch them unlock their potential with each lesson.


The teen years are one that creative expression is very important in.  And personally- I cant remember a single day in my own teenage years that I didn't have my head buried in a sketchbook. Not only to teens need a healthy outlet to deal with the stressors in life but they are also at the age where they are beginning to spend more time focusing on areas of specific  interests - and whether that interest is fashion design, cartooning, portraits, architecture, natural science & botanical illustration, or abstract art & more - I am thrilled to be able to add fuel to their creative fire and offer a place where they can express it on paper and canvas

Image by Samuel Castro

We are located at 225 Route 23

SUITE 2H - 2nd Floor

Hamburg, NJ 07419

Corner of Quarry Road and Route 23

*Please contact us to schedule an appointment to visit as we have classes in session daily*

Some of our services
  • Architectural illustrations/2D renderings

  • Commercial & residential landscape illustration

  • "House Portraits" - Real estate client gifts

  • Menu design and activity placemats

  • Custom website clip art

  • Merchandise design (Shirts, hats, stickers, etc.)

  • Corporate team building art workshops

  • Promotional material, brochures & more

    *Shop my retail designs wholesale for your store!

  • Custom illustrated wedding stationery

    • Invitations, table numbers, thank you cards etc.

  • Plant-able stationery

    • (seeded paper that will sprout wildflowers when planted)

  • Live wedding/event painting

  • "After wedding" studio paintings

  • Wedding Bouquet painting

  • Handmade earrings (wedding party sets)

    • Polymer clay, beaded or hand-painted wood


Looking for more information or a price quote? Missed out on tickets to a class and want to setup a private booking for you and your friends instead? Want to setup a workshop at your school or with your organization? Something else?Please fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible :)

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