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As a Live Wedding Painter, I provide a unique element that will leave you with a keepsake to commemorate your special day for years to come.  It's also an exciting form of entertainment for your guests, as they get to watch the painting take shape throughout the event!

Pink Sugar



The first step in the booking process is to take a look at my website, the pricing and packages as well as my gallery. Every artist has a different style and you want to be sure you love what you see!


Scroll to the bottom of the page and fill out the contact form so that I can check to see if your date is available. PLEASE KEEP AN EYE ON YOUR SPAM FOLDER in case my reply ends up there.


If your date is available, I will send you over my scheduler so that we can get together on a virtual call, as well as a questionnaire to fill out in order to get more information about your big day. During this free consultation we will take a look at some of my most recent paintings, different pricing and packages as well as answer any questions you may have as we discuss your vision for the painting.


Once we you decide if you'd like to move forward with booking your date, I will send over a contract to sign and collect a 25% non-refundable retainer to secure your date.


My Live wedding paintings begin at $1650 with couples spending an average of $1800-$2,500 for their unique, custom package. 

I can create custom packages for each and every one of my clients. Rates are based on subject of the painting, detail level, add ons and various other important factors.

To confirm availability and learn more about a custom package, please inquire below. 

Beach Painting


I arrive 2-4 hours before ceremony (depending on complexity of venue and canvas size) to begin on the background, and fill in as the night goes on. I will stay up to 5 hours into the wedding, again depending on complexity and lighting.  If the selected scene is to be painted at the ceremony, it will then be transferred to the reception where I will continue to work on it while your guests get to see the process first hand and interact as more detail is added. At the end of the wedding I will take the painting home to allow it to dry and to put on some finishing touches and your finished masterpiece will be mailed or delivered to you in 3 - 4 weeks


  • A handful of timed virtual meetings before the wedding so that we can chat about your painting, I can answer questions, and we can ensure that everything turns out the way you are envisioning.

  • A finished painting of your wedding in created in a mix of oil and acrylic  archival, museum-quality materials, ensuring an heirloom that will last for generations. Each painting is done on a museum gallery wrapped canvas

  • 4-6 hours of on-site live painting, providing entertainment for your guests.


What if my wedding day has already passed? Can you paint from a photograph?

Absolutely! This is a great way to showcase your favorite moment with a painting created from a past event. I can recreate it in my studio from reference photos you supply. My "post wedding paintings" are painted in the same live event painterly style, start at $900 and go up from there based on painting size, subject matter and any extras or special packages selected.

What if a live event painting is out of my budget?

I do offer in studio "post - wedding" paintings at a discounted price as well as a variety of other commission options to celebrate your big day such as wedding bouquet paintings, mother of the bride & wedding dress illustrations and more! Payment plans on live event paintings are also available to help break up the cost.

How do I secure my date?

Once we confirm if your date is available, we will schedule a video call to discuss a few more details, as well as go over the vision you have for your painting. Then a 25% non-refundable retainer is collected to hold your date. The remaining 75% is due 45 days before your wedding. You must return the signed contract and pay the initial invoice within one week of it being sent over or your date becomes available to the next person in line. Please note that your day will not be reserved in my calendar until I have received your retainer and signed contract!

Can I take my painting home at the end of the night?

At this time I do not offer on-site finishing

Will you need any special accommodations the day of my event?

 An artist's space of  about 10' x 10' is needed, along with en electrical outlet (if in a place where lighting is less than what I need) as well as running water.  While I do take reference photos during the event to use for smaller details in studio, I will still need a clear line of sight to the selected scene, free from obstructions.

Do you have insurance? My venue is asking.

Absolutely :) I am a registered LLC and have full liability insurance. Certificates can be provided to the venue upon request.

Do you travel?

Yes! All I need to know to give you a travel quote is when and where! If I’m traveling more than 2 hrs away from Hamburg, NJ travel rates include a hotel stay, transportation, and flights may be required

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! We can discuss the best way to split the payments up over the months leading up to your wedding

What happen to the retainer payment if we have to cancel our wedding or no longer need your services?

The initial 25% non refundable retainer that is paid by you, is done so in order to hold my services for your date. It prevents anyone else from booking me for that day. In the event you are no longer needing my services after the 25% non refundable retainer is paid, and a contract is signed - it continues to remain non refundable and you lose the 25% retainer.

What if you have to cancel on us?

If for any reason I am prevented from making it to your event, you will receive your travel, tax and retainer fee back in full.


Contact us to check for availability

We will do our best to get back to you within 3 business days!

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