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Image by Jonathan Borba

Independent Art Studio Time for students

We often try to leave a block of time open between some workshops to give students in that class the option to stay longer and work independently on their own projects. Nothing is worse that getting into that creative groove and having to leave because class is over! We want you to be able to continue channeling that creative energy and putting it into your own independent projects.

The time slots will range from as little as 30 minutes (for kids) to 1.5+ hours for adults and have a small "studio use" fee attached to them. This is also a great option for parents who are dropping kids off for a class as it frees them up for a little more that the usual 1 hour time that the class runs.


Browse our library room

We have a small library room with comfortable chairs, art & reference books as well as a space to sit and take notes or make a photo copy of something you find interesting that you'd like to work from

Image by James Wainscoat

Study & create from our collection

We have another small room with a variety of shells, rocks, mounted insect & plant specimens as well as microscopes and more where you can study up close from some of our collections

Artist at Work in the Studio

A creative environment

We will have different stations setup with easels or desks where you are free to draw & paint independently in a environment with other artists who are also working on their own projects!

What does this open studio offer?

FAQ for Independent Studio Time

How do I sign up for independent studio time?

Once you are enrolled in a workshop or scheduled for private art lessons with us we will discuss how the independent studio time for students works and what the open time slots will be for your class as well as pricing

How much does it cost and how do I pay?

Students who are coming to class that day can simply let us know when they arrive, that they would like to stay longer to utilize the independent time at the studio. Once class is over we will have a signup sheet with a "time in" and "time out" that must be paid before you leave that day or in advance - if you know before hand. This can be paid by credit card or cash. There will also be entire days dedicated to open studio time sporadically through out the month and those can be booked online. Simply choose your day and timeslot and pay online :) The price is based on time of use and age of student. Kids $5.00 per 1/2 hour Adults $15.00 per hour

Are supplies included?

If you are staying for independent open studio time right after a workshop that offers the time extention - supplies are included as you are able to continue working in the same medium that you are taking the class in. We will also have addons and upgrades available at an additional cost. If you would like to work on something else during this time. Please do! :) We also encourage you to bring projects from home to work on at the studio and use our easels or tables. These can include drawings & paintings

Are there any limitations to what I can work on?

Yes. We do not allow such projects as resin art or anything that we consider to be toxic or harmful to ourselves or other students. This includes turpentine solvents for oil paints, and we do not allow varnishing at our studio. (I know! I know! but hear me out!) We offer a "solvent free" oil painting class using Chelsea Classical Studio materials. Exerpt from their website: "Chelsea Classical Studio Fine Art Materials are made from the highest quality, handmade, natural and archival artists materials, created using historic methods and techniques CCS Oils are all cold-pressed, non-toxic and naturally purified WITHOUT heat or chemicals, creating pure naturally pale oils." We reserve the right to refuse any mediums or projects that we deem inapropriate or to be unsafe. No refunds on open studio will be given in this situation.

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